What we believe

We believe in the power and sovereignty of God Almighty, the Creator of All and that as His creation we can best serve Him by serving others in ministries such as:

*Praise through worship, Bible study and music


*Caring for others – Love one to another in ways such as card, letter and phone ministry, Radio and daily devotional/email ministry

*Fellowship and friendship one to another

*Benevolence to our own and to others

We believe in the power and the authority of the Holy Scriptures which are divinely inspired and believe that because of a personal relationship, established through Jesus Christ, God speaks to believers through His Word.

We believe we can do all things through Him who strengthens us individually and collectively.

We believe that we can serve God individually but also believe that God ordained the church in order that we might:

*minister more effectively and to more people through the combining of our unique talents, gifts and resources;

*experience the tangible evidence of the love of God with and through His people;

*share the tangible evidence of the love of God with His world by service to them

*work together to discern God’s Will for us individually and collectively

We believe that God has ordained the work at Cross Roads Baptist Church that we might:

*provide a place of service and ministry to people of like mind in the greater Robertson County area;

*be a loving home and a shelter to those facing difficult times;

*be a beacon to those seeking God’s direction for their lives;

*provide a place to worship for those who have a relationship with God;

*provide a place for those who don’t have a relationship with God to meet and experience Him; and that we might

*participate in worship with our time,  talents and our tithes and offerings to our church, the Robertson County Baptist Association, the Tennessee Baptist Convention and the Southern Baptist Convention.

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