Mr. Charles Abernathy donated one acre of land in January 1885, for the purpose of constructing a one room log building to be used for a public school and a place of worship.

The following summer the building was completed and dedicated for this purpose. The people of the community named the new school and church Cross Roads, because the roads crossed at this point during the early eighteen hundreds. The roads are now known as New Cut Road and Moore Road.

This first log building was used until 1900 when a larger building was needed. At this time a one room frame structure was completed. This building served until about 1918 when the second room was added to accommodate a growing community.

In the spring of 1944 the school bells ceased to ring at Cross Roads School bringing to a close sixty years of classes of Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic.

Revivals, Homecomings, and Worship Services continued on an irregular schedule until May of 1971 when Rev. Floyd Carroll returned for a Homecoming. It was on this date that he and Rev. Jack Goodwin, then Pastor of Eastland Heights Baptist Church, established a Mission with Eastland Heights as the Mother Church.

Rev. Carroll and Rev. Goodwin helped to get a building program started. These ministers were an inspiration and encouragement as they worked and prayed for the Church and its future.

Rev. John Norris was called as Pastor of the mission in June of 1973 leading the way for a Southern Baptist Church to be constituted. This dream came true in July 1977. Rev. Norris served until January 1981.

Rev. Franklin Hall served as Pastor from January 1981 until October of 1987. Brother Hall went on to be with the Lord in 1988.

Rev. Harold Smith served as Interim Pastor from November 1987 to May of 1988 when Rev. Steve Fehrman was called to serve as Pastor. Rev. Fehrman resigned in October of 1989. Rev. Jeff LaBorg answered the call as Pastor in December 1989 and served until January 1992.

David Boyd was called in May of 1992 and served until he resigned in 1995. During this period of time Paul and Pauline Bracey donated enough land to erect a new building that was built with the help of volunteers from Hamilton County working through the Tennessee Baptist Men. We currently use this building for a temporary auditorium, fellowship hall space and Sunday School space.

Rev. Rick Edwards was then called and served through October of 1996. Rev. Michael Duff served as Interim Pastor from December of 1996 until February of 1997. In June of 1997, Cross Roads called Rev. Michael Blankenship who served as minister of the work at Cross Roads until August of 2000. Rev. Larry Dunlap came and served as Interim pastor until he was called to be a permanent pastor and served until 2004. Rev. Rick Edwards returned to Cross Roads as a supply pastor and then answered the call to be our Interim Pastor. He stayed until fall of 2008.

On Easter Sunday, 2009, Cross Roads called Bro. Ted Ingram as interim pastor. On August 1, 2009, he was called as full time pastor and remains to this day.